25-200-600mW Adjustable Power Video Transmitter (SPMVT1000) by Spektrum

Codice prodotto: SPMVT1000
Produttore: Spektrum
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25-200-600mW Adjustable Power Video Transmitter BY SPEKTRUM (SPMVT1000)


FPV flyers looking for a small feature rich video transmitter will find the Spektrum VT1000 checks all the right boxes. The VT1000 includes frequency support on all legal 5.8GHz channels, selectable power output (25mW, 200mW, and 600mW), an integrated microphone, and a powerful frequency management tool built right into Spektrum technology.* Changing the band, channel and power level can be handled from two push buttons on the circuit board, but much of the time those will only be reserved for backup. The Spektrum integrated frequency control system lets a pilot make all the adjustments for an FPV system directly from the transmitter.

All FPV pilots can benefit from remote frequency control. Imagine eliminating those frustrating dip switches or buttons. Imagine changing the frequencies before a race without having to take the models off the starting grid. Imagine the mounting options that are opened up without the constraints of needing physical access to the video transmitter. Select the band and channel you wish to fly on and set the output power directly from compatible Spektrum transmitters. Pilots can also turn the video transmitter off or run at a very low power setting for test purposes, which makes the VT1000 ideal for complicated projects requiring a lot of time testing on the bench.

The VT1000 can be connected to any flight controller using a Spektrum DSMX serial receiver or any Spektrum DSMX receiver using remote receivers. All it needs to connect with the receiver system is to “Y” off the serial signal wire. An MMCX connector for the antenna is used on the circuit board for durability and light weight. Mounting holes in the circuit board enable easy mounting with common plastic standoffs such as SPMVX180.** An SMA adaptor cable and wire harness are included. A 5.8GHz antenna with SMA or MMCX connector is required, not included.

*All Spektrum Airware based transmitters are compatible with the Spektrum frequency control system with the most recent firmware updates. If your transmitter does not include the VTX menu it may be necessary to register your transmitter at SpektrumRC.com and update the firmware to access the VTX menu.

**Crash damage from using the mounting holes is not covered under the warrantee.

Important: Amateur radio license required for use in North America. Please consult the ARRL for more information about your local amateur radio club and getting your HAM license. www.ARRL.org

Compatible Products

Spektrum 25-200-600mW Adjustable Power Video Transmitter SPMVT1000 is compatible with BLH03045

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