Cirrus SR22T 30cc ARF (HAN5020) by Hangar 9

Codice prodotto: HAN5020
Produttore: Hangar 9
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Cirrus SR22T 30cc ARF by Hangar 9 (HAN5020)

A clear leader in modern civil airplane design, Cirrus® Aircraft creations are as stylish as they are advanced. Their modern engineering methods offer performance conventionally-built aircraft can't match, especially when combined with a premium level of comfort and functionality. The latest SR22T offers single-engine aircraft enthusiasts a contemporary and luxurious beauty true to its trend-setting heritage.

The Hangar 9® Cirrus® SR22T 30cc ARF is a officially licensed, giant-scale reproduction of this aviation star. With the modern civilian scale RC pilot in mind, this stylish IMAA legal model matches every refined curve as well as the character of the full-size airplane perfectly. The fiberglass fuselage construction and fully balsa-sheeted wings and control surfaces deliver amazing flight characteristics that are both smooth and stable. Additional convenience features, including removable doors for easy internal access, factory-located hinges, slotted flaps, plus an aluminum spinner, contribute to its scale accuracy and modern appeal. Both the recommended 33cc gas engine and electric power system easily mount inside the cowling, plus the high-quality hardware package is complete so that you can enjoy a distinctive civilian aircraft flight experience as soon as possible.

Hangar 9's giant scale (21%-1:4.76) Cirrus SR22T is a beautiful looking scale model based on the full-size civilian light aircraft that has become so popular with pilots.
Sleek, handsome and with styling that looks both stunning and futuristic the Cirrus is a highly desirable model.

The first things that catch the eye are the superb Fibreglass fuselage with its smooth exterior, the fixed landing gear complete with its wheel spats and the overall finish and look of the model that just says quality.

Unlike many smaller scale civilian aircraft the Cirrus SR22T has size on its side; with its generous 2.46m (96.75inch) wingspan and handsome looks the model really stands out on the flight line, and looks even more impressive in the air!

For ease of transport and assembly at the flying site the model features a two-piece wing whilst the landing gear remains mounted to the fuselage for simplicity and ease of operation. With a relatively large cowling the model can accommodate medium sized petrol engines such as the Evolution 33cc or XP38cc with ease, or can be powered by an electric motor. The E-flite Power 160 brushless provides plenty of power and is an ideal choice for realistic scale flights.

Further aids to scale fidelity are the correctly profiled aluminium spinner that is included with the comprehensive hardware pack, along with the option to fit exterior lighting to the model using E-flite LED's. The cabin features a detailed instrument panel whilst the full-bodied pilot figure (included) adds even more realism.

This lightly loaded model is suitable for intermediate skill level pilots looking for a strikingly different model offering stability in the air coupled with realistic flight characteristics. Operational scale flaps enhance take off and landings whilst the tricycle landing gear with steerable nose leg ensures positive ground handling, the accurate white and silver colour scheme is both subtle and understated and adds the final touch of class to this superb model.

A refreshing change from the norm!




  • Officially licensed
  • Scale-inspired SR22T paint scheme
  • Authentic scale outline and contours
  • Fiberglass fuselage, all-wood wings, and foam-core stabilizer
  • Shares the same solid handling and performance characteristics as the full size
  • Removable right and left access doors and tinted windows installed
  • Two-piece, plug-in wing with carbon fiber tube spar
  • Authentic flap system and airfoil-shaped tail surfaces
  • Fiberglass, flush mounted cowl and fiberglass wheel pants
  • Includes scale aluminum spinner (optional three-blade spinner available)
  • Includes installation options for gas and electric power
  • Wingspan:  96.8 in (246 cm)
  • Overall Length:  65.8 in (167 cm)
  • Wing Area:  930 sq. in. (60.0 sq. dm.)
  • Flying Weight:  16.3-18.0 lb (7.4-8.2 kg)
  • Engine Size:  33cc 2-stroke gas
  • Motor Size:  Power 160
  • Radio:  6+ channel radio system
  • Servos:  9 servos for gas, 8 for EP (2 are micro servos for elevator)
  • Recommended Receiver Battery:  2100mAh or greater
  • Trim Scheme Colors:  UltraCote White (U870), Silver (U881)
  • CG (Center of Gravity):  2.83-3.15 in (72-80mm) back from the leading edge at wing root
  • Wing Loading:  39-45 oz/sq ft (119-137 g/sq dm)
  • Airfoil Shape:  Selig 8036/8037
  • Prop Size:  18 x 6 2-blade (26cc gas), 18 x 10 2-blade (EP)
  • Spinner Size:  3.0 in (76mm)
  • Speed Control:  80-amp brushless high-voltage ESC
  • Recommended Motor Battery:  37.0V 10S (5S x2) 5000mAh LiPo
  • Flaps:  Yes
  • Retracts:  No
  • Control Throw (Ailerons):  Low: 15mm up, 13mm down, 22% expo; High: 17mm up, 15mm down, 22% expo
  • Control Throw (Elevator):  Low: 14mm up/down, 20% expo; High: 17mm up/down, 20% expo
  • Control Throw (Rudder):  Low: 28mm right/left, 28% expo; High: 38mm right/left, 28% expo
  • Control Throw (Flaps):  Mid: 30mm down; Full: 60mm down
  • Scale:  0.21
  • Main Wing Tube Length:  780mm
  • Main Wing Tube OD:  23mm
  • Tail Wing Tube Length:  300mm aft, 150mm foreward
  • Tail Wing Tube OD:  10mm
  • Is Assembly Required:  Yes
  • Plane Type:  Scale Civilian
  • Experience Level:  Intermediate
  • Power Plant Size:  1.6-2.4 2-Cycle Gas
  • Recommended Environment:  Outdoor
  • Fuel Type:  Gas

Needed To Complete:

Radio Equipment
SPMAR8000 8-Channel DSMX® Receiver
Aileron - 2x standard servos SPMSA6010
Elevator - 2x micro servos SPMSA5040
Rudder - 1x standard servo SPMSA6010
1x standard for nose steering SPMSA6010
Throttle - 1x standard servoSPMSA6010
Heavy Duty Servo Horns (2)
SPMA3004 18-inch H/D Servo Extension
SPMA3005 24-inch H/D Servo Extension
SPMA3053 (4) Standard Servo Extension
SPMA3058 Standard Y-Harness, 6-inch
SPMA4020 Hook and Loop Fastening Strap

2-Stroke Petrol Engine
EVOE33GX 33cc Petrol Engine Evolution
EVOM3 26/33cc Evolution® Pitts-Style Muffler
APC17080 APC Propeller, 17 x 8
HAN116 Fuel Dot Filler with "T" Coupler
1350mAh 2S 7.4V Rx LiPo

4-Stroke Petrol Engine
SAIEG30B FG-30B (180) 4-Stroke Gas Engine
HFL7885 APC Propeller, 16 x 8
HAN116 Fuel Dot Filler with "T" Coupler
1350mAh 2S 7.4V Rx LiPo

Electric Power
EFLM4160A Power 160 BL Outrunner Motor, 245Kv
80-Amp (or greater) ESC
EFLB50005S30 (2) 5000mAh 5S 22.2V 30C LiPo
EFLAEC508 EC5™ Battery Series Harness
HFL7647 Thin Electric Propeller, 18 x 10
SPMA3053 Standard Servo Extension
SPMA4020 Hook and Loop Fastening Strap

Optional Items
EVOM4 Evolution Pitts-Style Muffler Dual Pipe
LOSA99201 Self-Stick Weights, 3 oz
EVOA103 Medium Gas-FPM Fuel Tubing (3m)
HAN502017 3 inch, 3-Blade Spinner

HAN5020-Manual.pdf10.58 MB

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