3.5m Super Decathlon 100cc ARF (HAN1070) by Hangar 9

Codice prodotto: HAN1070
Produttore: Hangar 9
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The Super Decathlon

The Super Decathlon is a two-seat high wing mono-plane designed for flight training and personal use, capable of sustaining aerobatic stresses between +6g and -5g and has been thrilling pilots with its exceptional aerobatic capabilities for decades.

The Decathlon first entered production in the United States during the 1970's as a more powerful and stronger complement to the earlier Citabria (airbatic spelt backwards) line of aircraft.

Since its arrival the Super Decathlon has carved out a unique niche in the history of single-engine, high-wing aircraft. Equipped with a conventional (tail dragger) landing gear and a semi-symmetric airfoil for better inverted flight and negative-g manoeuvre capabilities, the Decathlon is fine all round aircraft.

Though the Decathlon went out of production within a decade of its introduction, this was not due to any fault in the design but rather to the slump in general aviation in the United States at the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s.


Since its reintroduction by the American Champion Aircraft Corporation of Rochester, Wisconsin the Super Decathlon has sold steadily and remains popular as an aerobatic trainer, a beginning to intermediate aerobatic aircraft, and a great looking personal recreational aircraft.

3.5m Super Decathlon 100cc ARF (HAN1070) by Hangar 9

Designed by noted designer and champion pilot Mike McConville the model features conventional built-up construction throughout using balsa and laser cut plywood resulting in an airframe that is both lightweight and durable. This is then covered in an authentic looking colour scheme using UltraCote.


The pre-painted fibreglass engine cowling with its distinctive moulded louvers and wheel spats match the covering perfectly and add an extra touch of realism to this superb looking model. Pre-formed and pre-painted foldable wing struts are easy to install to each wing panel and make for quick and easy assembly at the flying field and make transporting the model much easier as well. The fuselage features an opening cabin door allowing quick and easy access to the onboard electronics whilst the moulded seats and detailed scale instrument panel add to the impressive scale look.


Top quality giant scale hardware is used through out the model, the Decathlon is designed primarily for 80cc - 120cc petrol engines, however thanks to the generous size of the cowling most engines can be accommodated with a minimum of protrusions, keeping a nice clean scale look to the model.


When it comes to flight performance the Super Decathlon is no slouch and just like its full-size counterpart the model can perform a commendable range of scale aerobatic manoeuvres and inverted flight. This, combined with the overall presence that a larger model has in the air, adds a whole new dimension of realism to flying this super scale aeroplane.


On the ground the wide spaced main gear and steerable tail-wheel ensure positive handling through out take off rolls and landings.


Scale like take offs and landing are very realistic and the sight of this big model coming in for a slow fly by or a touch and go is quite simply, fantastic!

  • Mike McConville design
  • Easy to fly giant scale model
  • Superb scale outline
  • Traditional balsa/ply construction
  • Top quality giant scale hardware used through out
  • Scale colour scheme using UltraCote
  • Pre-painted fibreglass cowl and wheel spats
  • Two-piece wing for easy transport and assembly
  • Pre-formed fast connect foldable wing struts
  • Functioning scale landing gear
  • Steerable tail wheel assembly
  • Pre- shaped crystal clear cabin windows
  • Detailed scale instrument panel
  • Moulded pilot/passenger seats
  • Opening cabin door for access to radio installation
  • Wingspan:  3504mm (137.9 inch) Scale 36%
  • Overall length:  2439mm (96.0 inch)
  • Wing area:  205.0 sq. dm (3177.0 sq. inch)
  • Flying weight :  17.2 - 19.1kg (38 - 42 lb)
  • Engine:  80cc - 120cc Gas
  • Airfoil:  Symmetrical section
  • Required radio:  4-channel or more (SPM DX5e) minimum
  • Servos:  6 hi-torque 2 standard (not included)
  • Receiver Battery:  2 x 4000mAh
  • Color scheme:  Ultracote white (U870) True Red (U866) Black (U874)
  • Prop Size:  24 x 10 to 27 x 10
  • Spinner Size:  4-1/2"

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