UM F-27 FPV BNF Basic (BLH03250EU) by Blade

Codice prodotto: BLH03250EU
Produttore: Blade
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The Blade® Ultra Micro F-27 FPV BNF® Basic wing brings the excitement of FPV wing flying in a size that can be flown practically anywhere. Its lightweight Z-Foam™ airframe features impressive durability to handle bumps or bruises. Take advantage of built-in AS3X® stabilization and SAFE® technology for the comfort of envelope protection and self-leveling for a confidence-inspiring flight experience. The high-output brushless motor accepts 2S Li-Po batteries to suit mild or wild flying styles, and the 150mW VTX provides crisp, clear video in any environment. Bind-N-Fly Basic completion level means all you have to do is simply add a 2S 280mAh battery and bind it to a compatible Spektrum™ transmitter.

SAFE Technology Equipped Fight Modes

The F-27 is equipped with Horizon Hobby's revolutionary flight control software, SAFE Technology, allowing you to control your flight experience at the flick of a switch. The F-27 is outfitted with multiple flight modes making FPV wing flying easy even for the first time pilot.

Launch Mode: Provides self-leveling giving you the ultimate confidence in launching and first time cruising. Even if you are already in the FPV goggles, launching is a breeze. Just toss it like a paper airplane and add full throttle. SAFE technology takes care of the rest. No more awkward launches ending in a crash

Experienced Mode: Gives the pilot full control of the aircraft for high-speed racing and only stabilized with AS3X.






Indoor and Outdoor Capable

The size and flight characteristics of the F-27 give it the ability to be flown outdoors in spaces like backyards, smaller parks, and even indoor spaces like a basketball gym. SAFE technology and the brushless power system also allow this wing to handle light winds outside without issue.

150mW Video Transmitter

The F-27 is equipped with the Spektrum™ 150mW video transmitter which is compact and more than enough power for FPV exploring.

NOTE: A HAM license is required to operate the Video Transmitter in the U.S.

170 Degree Wide Angle FPV Lens

The camera is equipped with a wide angle lens allowing you to see the next obstacle with ease. This is especially beneficial for flying in close proximity to trees, flags, or other objects giving you the confidence to perform thrilling maneuvers anywhere.

Brushless Motor

The 3000Kv brushless motor, 3" propeller and 2S battery deliver lightning fast speed and efficiency on a wing this size. At the same time, the airframe design allows it to glide around at slower speeds very comfortably.

Magnet Hatch

Quick-disconnect magnet hatch makes accessing the video transmitter and electronics, and swapping a battery quick and simple.

Linear Servos

High-torque micro linear servos drive the elevons for locked in control. Guards over the servo linkages provide increased aerodynamics and durability in a crash.


  • CG (Center of Gravity): 67mm from motor mount    
  • Completion Level: Bind-N-Fly    
  • Flying Weight: 76g    
  • Material: Foam    
  • Propeller Size: 3.75x3    
  • Wingspan: 17.0 in (432mm)  
Needed to Complete
  • 4+ channel transmitter with Spektrum™ DSM2/DSMX technology
  • FPV Monitor or Headset
  • 280mAh 2S 7.4V 30C LiPo Flight Battery
  • 2s Balance Plug Charger Adapter, UMX to EFL
  • Suitable Charger
What's in the box?
  • Blade UM F-27 FPV
  • BL180 3000Kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • Flight Controller
  • Spektrum 150mW Video Transmitter
  • Spektrum FPV Camera
  • User Manual


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