Teleporter V4 Headset with 25mW Micro Camera (SPMVS2500) by Spektrum

Codice prodotto: SPMVS2500
Produttore: Spektrum
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Teleporter V4 Headset with 25mW Micro Camera BY SPEKTRUM (SPMVS2500)


You don’t have to be an electronics wiz to equip a park flyer or quad racer for FPV flight. This convenient Spektrum™ FPV bundle makes it easy. You get everything you need – a 25mw FPV camera/transmitter, a compatible FPV headset and accessories – all in one box.

Spektrum VA2500 25mw Micro FPV Camera/Transmitter

The VA2500 combines an FPV camera and a 25mw, 5.8GHz transmitter into a single unit no bigger than a thimble. It can be powered separately or by the model’s flight battery through a spare channel on the receiver. Either option requires a 2S or 3S Li-Po battery.

When powering it through the receiver, its integrated power filter will prevent interference from the model’s motor and servos. You can also remotely change the video frequency by assigning a transmitter switch or dial to the receiver port you’ve plugged the camera into.

VA2500 features include:

  • Incredibly small size – weighs less than an ounce

  • Integrated 5.8GHz transmitter

  • Excellent image clarity in all lighting conditions

  • Enough signal range for small park flyers and quad racers

  • Assignable frequencies when powered through a receiver port

  • Integrated power filter to prevent motor and servo interference

NOTE: A HAM license is required to operate the VA2500 in the U.S.

Spektrum Teleporter V4 FPV Headset

Developed exclusively for Horizon Hobby by Fat Shark, the Teleporter V4 headset is easily one of the best values in FPV fun. One of its coolest features is Digital Head Tracking. Digital Head Tracking lets you look around the environment your model is flying through without the extra weight and complexity of a mechanical camera gimbal. Special sensors and software in the headset allow you to pan and tilt your field of view using the fixed-position VA2500 camera that’s included.



  • Band: 5.8GHz
  • Modulation: Analog NTSC
  • Voltage Input: 5V – 13V (2S or 3S)
  • Signal Output: 25mw
  • Headset Antenna: Spironet Right-Hand Circular Polarity

Teleporter V4 features include:

  • QVGA 320 x 240 LCD displays

  • 5.8GHz wireless receiver

  • Spironet RHCP antenna

  • Digital Head Tracking for fixed-position cameras

  • Trainer link head tracking for gimbal controlled cameras

  • 760mAh 7.4V LiPo battery with charger

  • Lens cloth

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